Interview: Alysia Reiner, Sarah Megan Thomas, And Meera Menon Talk 'Equity'

While attending Sundance earlier this year I kept hearing about this film Equity, which I had remembered reading about and not thinking much of. But then people kept talking about it...and kept talking about it...and finally I just had to see it. Of course, by then it was too late.

The buzz was that it finally, and ironically, provided a little bit of gender equity to a genre that has been dominated by men; the financial world thriller. Equity is a movie about Wall Street, seen from the perspective of three ambitious women who can be just as greedy and devious as their male counterparts.

The all-female focus isn't just in front of the camera, but extends to the production as a whole. The film is directed by Meera Menon, and is produced by co-stars Alysa Reiner (Orange is the New Black) and Sarah Megan Thomas, who sought financial backing from women who have already made it big in Wall Street.

I had a chance to sit down with Menon, Reiner, and Thomas to talk about Equity, the difficulties they had in putting the film together, the sexism that women face in the corporate world, the glass ceiling placed ahead of them by men, and much more. You can check out that interview below and find my review of the film here.