Here's How Brie Larson Could Look As Captain Marvel

As much as I love Brie Larson, I've been skeptical of her as Captain Marvel.  It has to do with physicality more than anything else, and I've yet to see the movie that shows she can do it. I already know she can handle the emotional stuff. But this piece of concept art by artist BossLogic (via Comicbook.com) may just change my mind.

While we don't know which costume she'll sport in the movie since Carol Danvers has had a ton of them, this piece of fan art goes with the one most are probably familiar with. Larson's sporting shorter hair and a "Don't fuck with me, alien scum" look that has me sold.

We probably aren't going to see anything official for a while which means there will be tons of fan art going around in the meantime. Then again with Avengers: Infinity War filming soon we may see a set photo or something.  Captain Marvel opens March 8th 2019 with the hunt for a director still on.