Henry Cavill Teases Superman's Black Costume In 'Justice League'

We know that much of Justice League will be about Batman putting the team of superheroes together. So far that lineup consists of him, Wonder Woman, The Flash, Aquaman, and Cyborg. Of course, we know Superman has to fit in there somewhere, although we saw him give his life at the end of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. When he return, Superman promises to be a very different person, and Henry Cavill may have just given us a look at just how different.

Cavill posted an image on Instagram showing Superman's costume and the 'S' insignia we are familiar with. However, it's totally in black rather than the traditional red and blue. In the comics, Superman sported a black costume when he returned from the dead after battle with Doomsday, and it appears Zack Snyder's film will pay homage to that in some way. That suit was designed to help Superman absorb the sun's radiation so he could power up and heal, although not to the same level as before he died. It wasn't long before he switched back to the classic duds.

So could we be seeing a version of the same thing happen in Justice League? We'll find out when the film opens November 10th 2017.

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