Halle Berry Does Her Best Liam Neeson Impression In The 'Kidnap' Trailer

When someone has been kidnapped who is the first person you'd think to call? Liam Neeson? Maybe, but what about Halle Berry? She helped a stolen girl get rescued in The Call, and now she takes matters into her own hands with the new film Kidnap, which has just debuted its first trailer.

There's not much to know about this one. Berry plays a mother who will do whatever it takes to rescue her son when he's kidnapped by apparent strangers. And while she doesn't seem to be packin' heat or kickin' ass the way Neeson does, she does get to say stuff like "Wherever you go, I will be right behind you", and wreck a lot of cars and stuff.

Directed by Luis Prieto, Kidnap opens December 2nd.