'Friday The 13th' Remake Lands 'The Crazies' Director

Like Jason Voorhees himself, the Friday the 13th franchise simply won't stay buried. There have been twelve of the horrors thus far: ten of the original series, including the underrated (At least to me) deep space Jason X, followed by the awful Freddy vs. Jason. Then in 2009 Michael Bay's Platinum Dunes rebooted the franchise with a movie nobody remembers. And rather than just letting it stay dead, Friday the 13th is coming back with a brand new director who will attempt to do something new with it. Just kidding, he'll probably just do the same thing everybody has has done.

Breck Eisner, who did helm the excellent remake of The Crazies, will take over the Friday the 13th remake. That said, he's not the most inspiring choice with flicks like Sahara and The Last Witch Hunter to his credit also, but at least he'll be working from a script by Prisoners writer Aaron Guzikowski.

Friday the 13th is set for release on January 13th 2017 but that seems really soon. We may see it moved to another date that matches the title. [Deadline]