First Teaser For 'Arrival' Has Amy Adams Trying To Avoid Global War

Denis Villeneuve has taken to some dark corners with Prisoners, Sicario, and the underrated Enemy, but he seems to have taken to the realm of sci-fi as of late. Not only will he be the guy to bring us the sequel to Ridley Scott's classic Blade Runner, but he also directed Arrival, an adaptation of Ted Chiang's novel Story of Your Life, which deals with humans making first contact with an extraterrestrial race.

After images of stars Amy Adams and Jeremy Renner debuted yesterday the first teaser for the film is now here, and it suggests a thoughtful approach being taken to the material rather than a big, loud invasion flick. Adams plays a linguist assigned to an elite team charged with communicating with the extraterrestrial visitors. While we don't see buildings being blown up and laser fire all over the place, it's subtly suggested that not everybody is happy with what's going on. Oh, and the footage is titled 'Global War', probably for a reason.

Arrival hits theaters November 11th.