First Look At Thriller 'Shut In' Has Jacob Tremblay Trapped With Naomi Watts

Jacob Tremblay floored everybody in Room as a boy trapped inside four walls with his mother. Now he's been trapped once again, only this time it's alongside Naomi Watts in the upcoming thriller, Shut In, and the first images from the film have arrived courtesy of USA Today.

Directed by Farren Blackburn (Hammer of the Gods) with Oliver Platt and David Cubitt co-starring, the film centers on a widowed child psychologist who lives in isolation in rural New England, until she becomes the foster parent of Tom, a deaf child who had been stuck in the social services system. When they become caught in a deadly winter storm, she must protect Tom from who Tremblay calls a "bad guy trying to kill them."

Shut In hits theaters on November 11th.