Drake Doremus' Next Romance To Star Charlie Hunnam And Lea Seydoux

From the long distance relationship in Like Crazy to the illicit affair of Breathe In to the futuristic love story of Equals, Drake Doremus' films have always been concerned with matters of the heart. And they've also always had a beautiful couple at the center of them, and now he's lined up another gorgeous duo in Charlie Hunnam and Lea Seydoux for his next project.

Not much is known about this film except that it will be produced by Ridley Scott, which is already interesting, and will be a "unique love story" penned by Rich Greenberg. Greenberg is the guy who wrote web series The Beauty Inside, which Doremus directed. That series, which starred Mary Elizabeth Winstead and Topher Grace, was about a guy who wakes up every day as a totally different person, which makes things difficult when he falls in love with the perfect woman.

So could we be seeing Doremus and Greenberg developing some kind of feature version of The Beauty Inside? Only time will tell, but it sounds like the kind of thing Scott would want to attach his name to. [THR]