'Deadpool 2' May Cast Kyle Chandler And Mackenzie Davis As Cable And Domino

The closing credits of Deadpool pretty much promised us that when the sequel eventually arrives it will include the future X-Man and Summers clan kiddo, Cable. Since then we haven't heard an awful lot about the film that can be considered solid, but now new rumors have surfaced that put Kyle Chandler in the mix for the Cable role, while it appears Domino will be showing up in the film, as well.

The info comes from Jeff Sneider speaking on the Meet the Movie Press podcast. He says he's heard Chandler's name in conjunction with playing Cable, while Davis has been mentioned for Domino. Neither seem to be official contenders at this point, meaning no negotiations have started, so none of this may happen. In fact, I'd say it's less likely than anything because if it were concrete Sneider would have written up the story himself rather than mentioning it on somebody else's show.

That said, Chandler and Davis would be very interesting.The Friday Night Lights and upcoming Manchester-by-the-Sea star would make for a different version of Cable than I think most would expect. While guys like Ron Perlman and Dolph Lundgren have expressed interest in the role, neither has a snowball's chance of getting it even though they look more like the comic book version than Chandler does. For those who don't know Cable, his origins are pretty jacked up. He's the child of Scott "Cyclops" Summers and Maddy Pryor who was a clone of Jean Grey. He was sent into the future due to Mr. Sinister machinations, where he became a warrior eternally charged with defeating Apocalypse throughout time. He came back to the present, co-opted the New Mutants and turned them into X-Force. He crossed paths with Deadpool back in New Mutants #98 when the merc was charged with killing him, but instead he got his ass kicked and literally FedExed back to his employer, Tolliver, who turned out to be the son of Cable's clone, Stryfe. Told you it was jacked up. As for his powers, Cable has telepathy and telekinesis similar to his birth mother, but it's negated by the strength he must use to keep a disease from ravaging his body. Cable and Deadpool eventually became friends, ran an entire country together, and continue to be homies.

As for Domino, she has luck enhancing powers (similar to my boy Longshot) and is a fellow mercenary who has been one of Cable's most loyal friends for years. She first crossed paths with Deadpool when she was being impersonated by Copycat (played by Morena Baccarin in the movie) who infiltrated X-Force. The real Domino was being held captive by Tolliver.  She eventually got free and has continued to be part of X-Force, whether it was the version led by Cable or the one led by Wolverine. If there's an X-Force movie at some point like we expect, she will probably be part of it. Davis, who I think is the best young actress working today, has been great in everything from Breathe In, Bad Turn Worse, and The Martian. She's currently on AMC's Halt and Catch Fire where I hear she's pretty good. She'd be perfect casting for the role and I hope this one pans out.

So we'll see how this shakes out but the additions of Cable and Domino are a logical next step