Dane DeHaan And Tatiana Maslany Share A Frigid Romance In 'Two Lovers And A Bear' Trailer

Two Lovers and a Bear? Is this anything like Two Guys, a Girl, and a Pizza Place? Or, God help us, Threesome? Not judging by the new trailer for the romance drama starring Dane DeHaan and Orphan Black's Tatiana Maslany, which will be making its North American debut at TIFF.

Directed by Kim Nguyen (Oscar-nominee War Witch), the film centers on two lost souls, star-crossed lovers who find one another in the Arctic, only to learn that being at the top of the world isn't far enough to escape their pasts. Oh, and there is an actual polar bear but let's hope it doesn't figure too much into their relationship because that would be very weird.

The film played at Cannes and the reviews were pretty mediocre, but it's tough to deny the skills and appeal of Nguyen, Maslanay, and DeHaan. That should be enough to secure it U.S. distribution some time after the festival, but we shall see.