'Clue' Remake Finds A New Suspect In 20th Century Fox

Sorry Battleship and Ouija, but Clue is what you really wanted to be. The Hasbro detective game has been the subject of remake rumors for decades, ever since the cult favorite 1985 that starred comedy heavyweights like Madeline Kahn, Tim Curry, and Martin Mull.  Gore Verbinski (Pirates of the Caribbean) came close a few years ago but in 2011 Universal dropped the project altogether. Now Hasbro has joined forces with 20th Century Fox in hopes they have solved the mystery of how to make Clue relevant again.

The news comes from The Tracking Board who suggest this version of Clue will be different than the one most are familiar with. Instead of being stuck inside the mansion trying to ferret out the culprit in a murder mystery, the newer adaptation could go global and include action-adventure elements. The hope is that it will play well internationally and possibly launch a franchise.

That's all the detail we have so far but if this is true then expect more news to follow. One of the cool things about the original was that it had multiple endings playing at different theaters. In one maybe it was Ms. Scarlett in the kitchen with the rope? In another it might have been Colonel Mustard in the conservatory with the gun.  Part of me hopes Hasbro at least keeps that aspect in place, and they probably will since it encourages repeat viewing. Nobody went to see Battleship more than once to the best of my knowledge.