Check Out Putin's Avengers In New Trailer For 'Guardians'

When Russians make superhero-type movies they tend to be pretty bizarre. Wanted and Ben-Hur director Timur Bekmambetov broke out internationally as the director of Night Watch and its sequel, Day Watch, which were cheesy and hard to follow but had tremendous visual effects. Now we're getting another Russian effort in Guardians, which looks like The Avengers by way of Vladimir Putin.

Starring nobody you've ever heard and directed by Sarik Andreasyan (American Heist), who you definitely have never heard of, Guardians features a team of Cold War heroes that include a sword guy who looks like Winter Soldier, a rock dude who resembles Terence Stamp's Zod, a wear-bear dude straight outta Altered Beast, and the team female who can turn invisible or something? The dubbing is atrocious but I have to admit I geeked when the bear threw a guy then shot him with a badass chaingun.

Count me in for this one. Guardians opens February 23rd 2017.