Budget Dispute Halts 'Mission: Impossible 6' Production

This has not been a good year for Paramount Pictures, underscored by their $100M Ben-Hur remake's poor debut weekend. But other films have disappointed as well, such as Star Trek Beyond, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows, and Zoolander 2, with the studio possibly looking at losses totaling $350M. And that could explain why they are suddenly being very picky about the price tag on Tom Cruise's Mission: Impossible 6.

Pre-production on the franchise action flick has been halted over a budget dispute, according to Deadline who have a couple of theories on what is going on. They say the studio wants Cruise and his partners at Bad Robot and Skydance to cut their fees to save some cash. Or it could be that Cruise wants Paramount to pony up the same salary he's getting from Universal for starring in The Mummy, which they don't want to pay. 

With M:I costing more than ever and an increasing amount of its box office coming from overseas, it makes sense for Paramount to look this over and see if it's really worth moving forward. Of course they will come to some kind of agreement because M:I is one of their biggest cash cows with $2.8B over five films.