Box Office: 'Suicide Squad' Scores A Killer $135M Debut, $267M Worldwide

1. Suicide Squad (review here)- $135.1M
While we can expect critics to continue hammering Warner Bros. entire slate of DC movies, there remains huge audience support for them all. And yes, that includes 'Batman v Superman' which ultimately finished with $872M. And now you can add Suicide Squad to the list which opened to a record-breaking $135.1M, destroying the previous record held by Guardians of the Galaxy at $94M. But that's just the half of it as the supervillain flick, led by Will Smith, Margot Robbie, and Jared Leto, all of whom seem likely for spinoffs of some kind, added $132M overseas for a worldwide tally of $267M.That's not bad, especially when you consider it probably won't even open in China. It'll be interesting to see if this film holds stronger than Man of Steel or 'Batman v Superman', which crashed to Earth hard in subsequent weeks. The critical response has been just as negative but the 'B+' Cinemascore  suggests we could see this one stick around for a while. I'm not one to believe that the DCU needs fixing creatively but I do recognize its need for a new public narrative, and for that to happen Suicide Squad needs to be such a hit that the critic reviews won't matter. We'll see if that's the case over the next few weeks.
2. Jason Bourne- $22.7M/$103.4M
Matt Damon's return as Jason Bourne fell a steep 61% in its second weekend, earning $22.7M. The $120M action flick, the fifth in the franchise and fourth that you actually care about (sorry Jeremy Renner) has been pumped up by $91.9M overseas, which makes sense considering the international flavor of the series. At $195M in two weeks I'm betting Sony will want to try and keep things going in another movie, but it may be tough to convince Damon and Paul Greengrass it's worth it.
3. Bad Moms- $14.2M/$51M
The best second week hold goes to Bad Moms, which fell only 40% on its way to a $51M total. Not bad for the $20M comedy, and I'm guessing the start of a Hangover-esque trilogy.
4. The Secret Life of Pets- $11.5M/$319.5M
5. Star Trek Beyond- $10.2M/$127.9M
6. Nine Lives- $6.5M
The Kevin Spacey-as-a-cat comedy Nine Lives opened in 2200 theaters and pawed only $6.5M. Apparently this counter-programming gamble didn't quite payoff for the $29M feature which co-stars Jennifer Garner and Christopher Walken, who don't get the luxury of being transformed into house pets. This looked awful, they didn't screen it for most press, and next week it will be totally forgotten until the inevitable Razzie Award nomination.
7. Lights Out- $6M/$54.7M
8. Nerve- $4.9M/$26.8M
Because who wouldn't want to play games of chance with Emma Roberts? I would, and $26.8M worth of moviegoers would too.
9. Ghostbusters- $4.8M/$116.7M
10. Ice Age: Collision Course- $4.3M/$53.5M