Box Office: 'Suicide Squad' Crosses $460M, 'Sausage Party' Cooks Up $33M While 'Pete's Dragon' Is Grounded

1. Suicide Squad- $43.7M/$222.8M
Considering there are practically no top-tier DC characters in Suicide Squad other than the Joker and a couple of brief Justice League cameos, it's sorta amazing the film will likely perform as well as Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. The villain-centric teamup dropped 67%, which is pretty big, but still managed $43.7M in its second weekend. To be fair, those numbers aren't crazy considering the record-breaking debut, but that's still kinda steep. That said, the film is performing very well overall despite press acting like the roof has caved in around Warner Bros. Through two weeks it has amassed $465M worldwide and is poised to be one of the year's top blockbusters.
2. Sausage Party (review here)- $33.6M
I had more questions about Sausage Party than any other movie, suggesting that audiences were intrigued by the R-Rated animated comedy about talking food. That was borne out with a hefty $33.6M first weekend, the biggest opening for an R-rated animated comedy ever. Seth Rogen and pretty much everybody who was in This is the End are back voicing various grocery store items that learn what really happens when they get purchased. It's a funny, kind of obvious concept but Rogen and Co. have mixed in some larger themes with all of the overt sexual gags. Not sure this will be out there very long but at a cost of only $19M it doesn't have to be.
3. Pete's Dragon (review here)- $21.5M
My fear going into Disney's live-action remake of Pete's Dragon was that there would be some residual effect from The BFG's failure, and that seems to have been the case, at least a little bit. The mature, David Lowery-directed feature opened with $21.5M, on the low end of the scale compared to Disney's other reimaginings. Maybe audiences are just sick of movies about kids and their giant companions, dragon or otherwise? Then again, it doesn't have the benefit of being an unquestioned classic like Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty or The Jungle Book. The original Pete's Dragon was sortof an outlier in Disney's catalog and the same will likely be the case with this newer version. Fortunately it only cost about $60M so it doesn't need to be a huge hit.
4. Jason Bourne- $13.6M/$126.7M
5. Bad Moms- $11.4M/$71.4M
6. The Secret Life of Pets- $8.8M/$335.9M
7. Star Trek Beyond- $6.8M/$139.6M
8. Florence Foster Jenkins (review here)- $6.5M
So nobody wants to pay to see Meryl Streep be terrible at something? Apparently not as Florence Foster Jenkins, which stars the legendary actress as an opera singer who couldn't sing if her life depended on it, opened to only $6.5M. That's roughly the same as Streep's last August release nobody cared about, Ricki and the Flash, so maybe someone ought to take the hint.
9. Nine Lives- $3.5M/$13.5M
10. Lights Out- $3.2M/$61.1M