Ben Affleck May Have Revealed Deathstroke In 'Justice League', Or He's Fu**ing With Us

Ben Affleck has been the subject of numerous Internet memes since he began appearing in DCU movies as Batman, and maybe this is his way of showing he can play the social media game, too. Without comment or explanation he has dropped this piece of footage featuring DC's ultimate badass villain, Deathstroke, from what appears to be a scene from Justice League.

Yeah, that suit is pretty unmistakable. That is definitely Deathstroke walking out of that carrier looking like he's ready to kick some superhero butt.  Since Justice League is the only DCU movie shooting right now we have to assume this is from that.

Assuming it's real, of course. Again, Affleck is perfectly capable of trolling all of us. He knows better than anybody that posting this to his Twitter account was going to cause Internet heads to explode with speculation, and he may be getting us all riled up for nothing while he laughs from his swimming pool full of 'Batman v Superman' and Suicide Squad cash.

Let's hope he's not jerking us around because Deathstroke in the DCU would be amazing, and I want to start speculating on who is in that suit already.