Amazon Developing 'The Departed' As A TV Series

The Departed may not be one of Martin Scorsese's great films, but it's the one that finally earned him the Best Picture and Best Director Oscars he deserved. That said, it may be the one film in his extensive filmography best suited for becoming a TV series, and apparently Amazon feels the same way.

Amazon is developing a TV series based on The Departed, with Jason Richman (Bangkok Dangerous) penning the scripts. Scorsese's film was a rare example of a remake on par with the original, comparing favorably to 2002's Infernal Affairs. The series will tweak the premise just a little bit, taking place in Chicago and following a cop who infiltrates a Latino gang, while the gang plants a member inside Chicago PD.

So add this to the growing list of Amazon's film-to-TV adaptations which includes Jack Ryan starring John Krasinski. [Deadline]