Alison Pill And Gael Garcia Bernal Bring Comics To Life In First 'Zoom' Trailer

See if you can keep up. The intriguing new film Zoom stars Alison Pill as Emma, a dollmaker and comic book artist writing a story about Edward (Gael Garcia Bernal), an action movie director who is telling a story about Michelle (Mariana Ximenes) a former model who becomes an aspiring novelist so she can pen a story about Emma, a dollmaker and comic book artist. Er, what? This circular narrative is apparently part of the charm of the colorful film directed by Pedro Morelli, and you can get a look at it in the first trailer.

Also starring Tyler Labine, Don McKellar, Jason Priestley, and Jennifer Irwin with beats by the great DJ Koala, Zoom looks like like Stranger than Fiction if directed by Michel Gondry. Stories about fictional characters literally springing off the page into existence are nothing new but with its bizarre plot and blend of live-action and comics-inspired animation this one could attract a good deal of attention.

Zoom hits theaters and VOD on September 2nd.