A 'Man Of Steel' Sequel Is Finally In The Works

Whether you like what Warner Bros. has done with the DCU or not, everything it has become springs from the events in 2013's Man of Steel. The film introduced the latest version of Superman, played by Henry Cavill, that we would see again a few months ago sacrificing himself to save the world in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. But of course we know he's not gone and will likely re-emerge in Justice League, but what about a more traditional sequel for the Kryptonian hero? Sounds like that is in the works, too.

According to The Wrap, WB has entered "active development" on a new Superman movie, that most likely would see Cavill back in the red and blue tights. There have been various reports for a couple of years about a Man of Steel sequel, including one rumor that put George Miller (Mad Max: Fury Road) in the director's seat, but nothing had been confirmed. Might that still happen?

It's too early on to know anything for sure, but we do know a couple of open release dates are set for October 5th 2018 and November 1st 2019. One of those could go to Ben Affleck's solo Batman movie, especially since he's had so much success directing movies for the fall awards season, but could we see the other, most likely the latter date, go to Superman?