Welsh Actor Julian Lewis Jones Joins 'Justice League', Colin Farrell Rumored For Role

Who the heck is Welsh actor Julian Lewis Jones? Beats me, but he's got a "mystery" role in Justice League so might as well pay attention to him...for now. He revealed the news to WalesOnline but declined to reveal what his part is exactly, however it's his comment that Zack Snyder's film will "likely be the most expensive film ever made" that is probably the most note-worthy thing about this.

I mean, there are sites out there guessing that he's Darkseid or Steppenwolf or something. Probably not. He could be "Security Guard #2" for all we know. He does have a decent resume, having appeared in Zero Dark Thirty and Invictus, so he's not incapable. It's just more likely Snyder will cast a bigger name for the lead villain.

Speaking of which, the flimsiest rumor going around, from a random Russian Twitter account no less, is that Colin Farrell and Michael Huisman (Game of Thrones, The Age of Adaline) have been cast in the film in mystery roles. Could one of them be Steppenwolf? Maybe, if the whole thing was legit but there's no reason to think this scuttlebutt is close to being so. Then again this isn't the first time Farrell's name has been attached to a DC Comics flick. Last year he was supposedly up for the role of John Constantine in Justice League Dark, which is now being turned into an animated movie.

Whatever, don't believe any of it until there's some kind of official confirmation from Warner Bros.  Justice League opens November 17th 2017.