Watch 'Batman V Superman' Opening Merged With Destructive 'Man Of Steel' Finale

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice is available in home release digitally right now, and with it comes the ability for anybody to edit the crap out of it as they see fit. And of course, that means fans will be looking for fun new things to do with Zack Snyder's polarizing superhero film other than sit down and watch it. Youtube user The Film Guy has decided to recut the opening sequence in 'Batman v Superman' with the climactic battle scene in Man of Steel, and the results are pretty impressive.

Mostly it's seen from the street-level perspective of Bruce Wayne, who is scurrying throughout the city trying to save his employees from the citywide destruction reigning down upon them. And there is definitely an emotional impact seeing the repercussions of that battle as they happen, but it also goes to show just how dark and grim both movies were. I'd argue that 'Batman v Superman' should have shown things from this POV in order to flesh out Batman's mistrust of the Kryptonian hero.

Check it out for yourself below, and pre-order your copy of 'Batman v Superman' on Blu-Ray here.