'Warcraft' May Be Getting A Sequel Thanks To Overseas Box Office

After an excruciatingly long wait, Duncan Jones' video game adaptation Warcraft hit theaters like a thud, at least domestically. The film struggled right from the start domestically and looked as if it would be a massive failure. But overseas it kicked major ass, and currently sits at $430M worldwide making it the most successful video game movie ever. Was it enough to warrant another trip into the world of Azeroth? Well, it looks like the answer is "yes".

The film's Chinese social media account understandably has a sunny outlook on the whole venture, and in this translated post they make it clear we haven't seen the last of Warcraft...

While this isn't an outright confirmation until we hear something back from Universal and Legendary, we can definitely take this tweet at face value. The question is whether or not a sequel is a good idea. Warcraft definitely spent the bulk of its time fleshing out the tribes, or at least the orcs not so much the humans, in setting up future movies. And fans of the game generally seemed to enjoy the film (I found it pretty average but not awful) which could go a long way in generating support for sequels. But if it's going to happen my guess is they'll be a bit less expensive.

Don't be surprised if we start to hear some things coming out of Comic-Con this month, since that is where the film did most of its early hype.