Trailer For 'Arrow' Season 5 Reveals Ollie's New Team Of Heroes

Arrow season 4 was a little bit of a bummer for me. Once my favorite show on TV, last season was wildly incoherent yet incredibly stale. It was time to take things in a new direction, and we saw that teased when Diggle and Thea quit Ollie's team. Well now season 5 is on the way and things have definitely changed as a new team of heroes is being put together, and you can get a look at them in this new sneak peak.

Doing the wise thing and taking the advice of Felicity and the late Laurel Lance to not fight his battles alone, Ollie has assembled a new squad of youngsters ready to save the city. Team Arrow now includes Evelyn Sharp (Madison McLaughlin)  aka the fake Canary, who now goes by the name of Artemis; Curtis Holt (Echo Kellum), who is apparently tired of just being a tech genius who can't fight, perhaps setting him on the path to becoming Mister Terrific; and Wild Dog (Rick Gonzalez), a new and reckless vigilante in Star City. 

Exec-producer Marc Guggenheim confirmed that the season's main villain will be Prometheus, but not the one DC Comics fans are familiar with. This will be an all-new character, but I'm not sure if this is the character ex-WWE superstar Cody Rhodes is playing. Probably not. 

Arrow returns for its fifth season on October 5th.