Tony Revolori Is Flash Thompson In 'Spider-Man: Homecoming', Michael Keaton Confirmed

San Diego Comic-Con is wrapping things up today, but there's still plenty left over from last night's Marvel panel. While they didn't reveal a ton of footage in the same way Warner Bros. did, Marvel had their share of reveals, and many of them concerned Spider-Man: Homecoming, which they've done a pretty good job of keeping under wraps.

Kevin Feige and director Jon Watts have confirmed Michael Keaton is part of the cast, although he wasn't exactly confirmed for the Vulture, as has been rumored for months. A piece of concept art gave us our first look at the iconic villain who is in the film, though, while Watts had this to say to EW about why he was chosen...

“Vulture’s the first real villain in the Spider-Man comics. He’s in the second issue. He’s one of the classics from the best rogues’ gallery out there, and we’ve never seen him, he’s never been brought to life.”

The rest of the teenaged cast joining star Tom Holland's Peter Parker have been kept as a mystery, as well, but now we know Tony Revolori will actually be playing Flash Thompson. Thompson is a key character in the Spidey comics, often serving as a bully of Parker but later a friend. He also becomes Venom much later on. Who knows if that will happen in the MCU, though. Here's what Revolori had to say about the role...

“I’m [Peter Parker’s] bully and I don’t know how cool he is, but when we call cut, I’m just like, ‘Ah! You’re so cool."

We also have some names to put to the rest of the cast.  Zendaya Coleman plays Michelle, Laura Harrier plays Liz, and Jacob Batalon plays Ned. None of them appear to be regular character in the Marvel comics, at least not yet.

The tone has consistently been described as John Hughes-esque, and that continues with this new image of the cast, striking a pose clearly inspired by The Breakfast Club.

Can Spider-Man: Homecoming live up to those classic Hughes movies? We'll find out on July 7th 2017.