Tom Holland And Joel Kinnaman Are Stranded In The 'Edge Of Winter' Trailer

Both Tom Holland and Joel Kinnaman are talented actors, but neither is what you would call a household name. Or at least they weren't just a few months ago. Kinnaman has tried his hand at blockbusters before with the coolly-received Robocop remake, but is likely to be a much bigger name when Suicide Squad hits next month. And of course Holland is riding a wave of popularity after his Spider-Man debut in Captain America: Civil War. But before we see him in the Spidey suit again in next year's Spider-Man: Homecoming, Holland will appear alongside Kinnaman in the indie film, Edge of Winter.

Marking the directorial debut of co-writer Rob Connolly with Shiloh Fernandez, Rachel Lefevre, and Percy Hynes White co-starring, the film is a thriller about a divorced father who begins to go a little nuts while on a hunting retreat with his two sons. Here's the synopsis:

Recently divorced and laid off from his job, Elliot Baker (Joel Kinnaman, Suicide Squad; Run All Night) is desperate to spend more time bonding with his sons, Bradley (Tom Holland, Captain America: Civil War) and Caleb (Percy Hynes White, Night at the Museum: Secret of the Tomb). What starts as family day trip to teach his boys how to shoot turns into a nightmare when they become stranded. As they retreat to a desolate cabin, Elliot’s mounting fear of losing custody pushes him to the edge. The brothers quickly realize that the man responsible for keeping them safe has now become their biggest threat.

Edge of Winter will be available on ITunes beginning July 26th, then hits theaters in limited release on August 12th. There may not be many films like this in Holland's future for a while, so it might be a good idea to check it out.