'The Walking Dead' Season 7 Trailer And Premiere Date Revealed! Who Will Die??

If you were hoping to learn which of Rick's team (or Rick himself?) dies at the hands of Negan when The Walking Dead returns for its seventh season, then clearly you've never attended at San Diego Comic-Con panel before. Of course nobody spilled the beans on that, even though most of the cast, including Jeffrey Dean Morgan who plays the evil Negan, was on hand.

But what they did reveal was the full trailer for the upcoming season, and surprise! No clues are in it, either. It's a brilliant, ominous tease, however, which plays on the show's extensive past and the emotional bond between the characters, knowing full well one of them is about to meet their fate. If you weren't excited for the show to return yet, this ought to do it.

AMC also revealed the premiere date of Sunday, October 23rd at 9pm, and like previous seasons this one will be split into 8-episode halves. The final eight episodes will return to the network in February 2017.

No, really, who do you think is going to bite it?