The Old Gods Battle The New In First Trailer For 'American Gods'

Fans of Neil Gaiman's American Gods have been getting knocked around for years as one outlet or another tried to adapt the book. At one point it was even set up at HBO before eventually falling apart. While we've known that Bryan Fuller (Hannibal) was on board and that shooting had begun for some time, for me it didn't really feel real until this week with the arrival of the first trailer for the Starz network series.

The first teaser is here and it looks like a faithful recreation of Gaiman's work, a commentary on our modern obsessions in relation to long-held religious beliefs.  Ricky Whittle (The 100) stars as Shadow Moon, an ex-con who becomes linked to the mysterious and charismatic Mr. Wednesday (Ian McShane), and thus embroiled in a war between the old gods and the new. The younger gods represent things such as technology and media, and threaten to end the old gods for good.  It was also revealed yesterday that Kristen Chenoweth will be joining the show as the old god, Easter.

Also featuring Emily Browning, Sean Harris, Orlando Jones, Cloris Leachman, Yetide Badaki, Peter Stormare, Gillian Anderson, and more, American Gods debuts next year.