The Jigsaw Killer Returns In 2017's 'Saw: Legacy'

To get a sense how successfully diverse James Wan has been, the same guy who has given us wonderfully immersive supernatural horrors such as Insidious and The Conjuring, and directed Furious 7, the franchise's highest-grossing movie yet, also basically invented the torture porn genre. Wan, alongside his frequent collaborator Leigh Whannell, launched the Saw franchise in 2004, introducing the world to the notorious Jigsaw Killer. The series has laid dormant since 2010' Saw: The Final Chapter, which as it turns out isn't the "final" anything.

Horror franchises are like movie slashers in that they never truly die, and now Saw is returning with Saw: Legacy. Wan and Whannell will exec-produce while Peter and Michael Spierig will direct. The Spierig's last directed the excellent sci-fi film, Predestination, and should be able to give this film a different flavor than before. No plot details or casting are available yet, but the franchise was never known for attracting big stars and that likely won't change. As long as the Ji

And this one is gearing up fast with a fall shoot planned and a confirmed October 7th 2017 release date.