New Trailer For 'Hell Or High Water' With Chris Pine, Jeff Bridges, And Ben Foster

So a look at the promo images from Hell or High Water suggests it will be another Western, one in a recent spate of movies tackling the genre. And that much is accurate for the most part, but the sentiment within the story from Taylor Sheridan (Sicario) and director David MacKenzie (the excellent Starred Up) is pretty modern, focusing on our distrust of big banks and the wealthy who use them to crush the little guy.

Starring Jeff Bridges, Chris Pine, and Ben Foster, a Hell of a cast by any measure, the film centers on brothers, one a divorced father and the other an ex-con, who run afoul of a tough Texas Ranger while seeking revenge on those who foreclosed on the family farm.  We've seen a number of films taking shots at the big banks, but will audiences turn out for a Western heist film with a similar message?

We'll find out the answer when Hell or High Water opens in limited release on August 12th, expanding a week later.