New 'Lace Crater' Trailer Proves Sex With A Ghost Is A Dumb Move

Sex and horror movies have always been intertwined but now we're seeing that relationship explored in very different ways. A sexually-transmitted haunting was at the center of the hit film, It Follows, and now something similar is at the root of director Harrison Atkins' film, Lace Crater, which happens to be produced by indie favorite, Joe Swanberg.

Starring Lindsay Burdge, who was great in A Teacher a couple of years ago, along with Chase Williamson, Keith Poulson, Peter Vack and Swanberg himself, the story centers on Ruth, a woman trying to get over a bad break-up by indulging in a number of hedonistic activities. And apparently that includes a sexual encounter with a ghost wearing a burlap sack, who passes along something she might want to get checked out.

Yeah, this is pretty wild but I definitely want to see where it goes. Lace Crater opens on July 29th in New York City and VOD before expanding a week later.