Max Records Returns In Creepy First Trailer For 'I Am Not A Serial Killer'

Remember Max Records? No, it's not some defunct record label. Max Records was the kid who, for a brief time, looked like a rising star after turns in The Brothers Bloom and Where the Wild Things Are, only to basically fall off the face of the earth after a forgettable performance in The Sitter. Well now he's back in I Am Not a Serial Killer, a film you probably haven't heard of and may need to track down when it arrives.

Looking much older (hey, it's been five years!) and certainly less innocent, Records plays John Cleaver, a teenager obsessed with serial killers who must keep himself from becoming one by living under a strict set of rules. Christopher Lloyd plays a truly horrific murderer who arrives in John's town and forces the teen to unleash his dark side to protect the neighborhood. Billy O'Brien directed and co-wrote the script based on Dan Wells' novel.

The film played at SXSW earlier this year and received some decent word-of-mouth, so hopefully it lives up to the positive buzz. It'd be nice to see Records bounce back and become a regular presence on the big screen again.  I Am Not a Serial Killer opens August 26th in limited release. Check out the trailer plus some posters and images below.