Margot Robbie Goes Back To The Psycho Ward for 'Bad Monkeys'

What else is there to say about Margot Robbie that hasn't already been said? In short order she has taken over Hollywood, and her star is only going to get brighter when Suicide Squad hits next month, leading to a spinoff featuring her insane Harley Quinn character. Heck, she even helped The Legend of Tarzan perform better than most would have thought. Now she's turned her attention to another project, an adaptation of Matt Ruff's book, Bad Monkeys, a psychological thriller that sounds like it could be a pretty good superhero origin story, maybe even for Harley Quinn.

Robbie will produce and star in the film, taking on the role of Jane Charlotte, who is arrested for murder but claims she is part of a secret organization devoted to fighting evil, the Department for the Final Disposition of Irredeemable Persons, aka Bad Monkeys. She finds herself in the psychiatric ward explaining that her job is to eliminate dangerous criminals who may evade the normal channels of justice. Is she crazy, or is Jane actually telling the truth?

No word on when shooting will begin but a director and screenwriter will have to be found first, so there's time. [THR]