Live-Action Detective Pikachu Movie On The Way In 2017

Well, you Pokemon Go enthusiasts stopping traffic and walking into brick walls in your quest to capture Jigglypuff, you've got Hollywood's attention. A week ago rumors surfaced that the game's popularity had plans for a live-action Pokemon movie on the fast track with major studios interested. And those rumors have turned out to be true. Get ready for Detective Pikachu.

Legendary Entertainment and The Pokémon Company are joining forces on Detective Pikachu, with the live-action movie fast-tracked for a 2017 release. Sheesh, they must be hopped up on pokeballs to get moving that fast. While there aren't a ton of details yet, there was a Detective Pikachu video game (trailer for it below) that the film will likely take elements from.

So this is happening, but if we're lucky by the time the film gets here nobody will remember what that whole Pokemon Go business was all about.