Jessica Chastain Enlists In Video Game Adaptation, 'The Division'

In the same way that big stars are no longer staying away from superhero movies, we're seeing a number of great actors signing up for video game adaptations. The latest still comes as a bit of a surprise, as THR reports Jessica Chastain is joining Tom Clancy's The Division, which already has Jake Gyllenhaal on board.

UbiSoft's military game takes place in a dystopian version of Manhattan destroyed by a viral outbreak. As society descends into a chaos a small group of agents set out to find the source of the disease and restore the city. Presumably Gyllenhaal and Chastain would be two of these agents. Chastain recently was seen notching a bunch of arrows in The Huntsman: Winter's War so she's clearly comfortable with action movies at this point.

There's still no director or writer attached but once that's done the project will seek out a studio. Considering the wealth of talent attached to Assassin's Creed and Duncan Jones' Warcraft,and now The Division perhaps it's time to start looking at the entire genre in a different way.