Honest Trailer For 'Big Hero 6', The "Marveliest Non-Marvel Movie Ever"

Disney's Big Hero 6 came out of nowhere to not only be a huge box office hit, but to win an Oscar for Best Animated Feature, an accomplishment few would have ever predicted. And yet Disney still made some really weird choices with it that simply can't be explained, such as why they decided to not make it part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe when it's based on a Marvel Comic? And why haven't we heard anything about a sequel? Instead there's an animated series on the way, which to me seems like a complete waste.

Well, the folks behind Honest Trailers seem to agree, and they've let 'er rip on Big Hero 6, which they rightfully call the "Marveliest non-Marvel movie ever". Can't argue with that.  What I can take issue with is ANY kind of criticism of the lovable Baymax, which they refer to as a combination of "WebMD and a marshmallow". Unacceptable.  ::squeezes his Baymax toy for comfort::

Anyway, check out the Honest Trailer for Big Hero 6 below!