'Ghostbusters' Writer Reveals Details On Amy Schumer And Goldie Hawn's Action-Comedy

With the success of last year's Trainwreck catapulting her into the public consciousness, Amy Schumer is more in-demand than ever. While she's entertained a number of offers one she readily agreed to was a mother/daughter comedy written by Katie Dippold, the screenwriter behind Paul Feig's The Heat and Ghostbusters, with Jonathan Levine (50/50) directing. The film would see her paired up with Goldie Hawn in her first screen role since 2002's The Banger Sisters, and now Dippold has revealed to Collider the rather ambitious plot, and how it influenced heavily by her own mom.

"When I was younger, my mom was always very adventurous. Her and my dad divorced when I was in college, and she’s gotten more concerned about safety. She wants to make sure the doors are locked. I feel like there used to be a more adventurous spirit in her. She’s still lovely and awesome. She’s like, “I’m 66 years old, just leave me alone right now.” So, we got her to sign up for a dating profile on eHarmony, and it was the most phoned-in profile I’ve ever seen in my life. She complained it didn’t work, so I looked and she had no photo and she had a typo in the first sentence, but she’s a very smart woman. And then, she got mad in one of her answers and used all caps. I was like, “What were you doing? You were purposely phoning this in!” In all fairness to her, she’s like, “I’m happy, let me be.” But I started daydreaming about, what if I took her on a crazy vacation somewhere, and then I took us off the beaten path, just to shake things up. So then, I started thinking about a movie version of that. So, the movie is that. She gets taken off the beaten path, but then everything the mother feared is correct. So, it’s then basically trying to get to an American embassy through the Amazon rainforest and whatnot."

Well, that's one way to tell a really personal story. Dippold also said that Schumer took a few passes at the screenplay so we can bet the comedienne added some of her unique voice to the material. The combination of Dippold, Schumer, and Hawn has a ton of potential so expect this one to be high on a lot of radars for next year.