First Trailer For Diego Luna's Quirky 'Mr. Pig' Starring Danny Glover And Maya Rudolph

Of all the peculiar films I saw at Sundance this year, the oddest may have been the final one, Diego Luna's Mr. Pig. No, it's not an animated movie about a talking hog, it's actually a dark road trip drama dealing with an estranged daughter's reluctant attempt to reconnect with her father who seems to love his prized pig more than just about anybody else in the world.

The first trailer for the film has arrived and it's a pretty good representation of what to expect. Danny Glover stars as Eubanks, a pig farmer who sets out on a journey with his favorite hog, Howie, in hopes of selling him to save the family farm. Rudolph plays his estranged daughter who is forced to become part of this unusual quest when her father's health begins to fail. I called it "an odd story of family reconciliation, one that isn't afraid to wallow in the emotional mud", and I continue to agree with myself on that.

Mr. Pig has yet to gain U.S. distribution and I have a hard time believing that it will given the material. Not only that, but Luna's previous film, the biopic Cesar Chavez, failed to gain much traction.