First Trailer And Poster For Warren Beatty's Long-Awaited 'Rules Don't Apply'

Whether you've been waiting for screen legend Warren Beatty to make his return in front of the camera or take his place behind it, you've been waiting a really long time. Eighteen years have passed since his last directorial effort, 1998's Bulworth, and fifteen years since he starred in 2001's Town & Country. And since that time he's been slowly, VERY slowly, developing his Howard Hughes biopic, Rules Don't Apply, and finally the first trailer for the passion project is here.

This isn't a straight biography of the reclusive Hughes, however. It's more of a comedy romance starring Lily Collins and future Han Solo himself, Alden Ehrenreich, as an actress and driver who fall in love while under Hughes' employ. Here's the synopsis for the latest trek through old Hollywood:

It’s Hollywood, 1958. Small town beauty queen and devout Baptist Marla Mabrey (Collins), under contract to the infamous Howard Hughes (Beatty), arrives in Los Angeles. At the airport, she meets her personal driver Frank Forbes (Ehrenreich), only two weeks on the job and also from a religiously conservative background.

Their instant attraction not only puts their religious convictions to the test, but also defies Hughes’ #1 rule: no employee is allowed to have an intimate relationship with a contract actress. But Hughes’ absurd behavior intersects with Marla and Frank in very separate and unexpected ways, and as they are drawn deeper into his bizarre world, their values are challenged and their lives are changed.

Also starring Annette Bening, Matthew Broderick, Candice Bergen, Alec Baldwin, Steve Coogan, Taissa Farmiga, Ed Harris, and Haley Bennett, Rules Don't Apply opens November 11th.