First Look At Amazon's 'The Tick' Reveals The Blue Hero

Amazon's pilot season is right around the corner, and comic book fans will be eagerly looking forward to The Tick, a relaunched adaptation of Ben Edlund's popular comic.While the first live-action series remains memorable due to star Patrick Warburton, this new take stars Peter Serafinowicz as the oddball superhero, and now we're getting the first look at him in that famous blue costume, antennae and all.

The images reveal The Tick looking quite heroic as he watches over the city. We also see a front view that shows just how different this costume is from Warburton's. There's considerably more detail and looks less like it was ripped from the pages of Edlund's comic. Whoopi Goldberg also appears in one image chatting with Superian, played by Brendan Hines.

So far only a pilot has been ordered and it will be directed by Wally Pfister (Transcendence), so we'll see if the Amazon Prime customers decide it's worth moving forward on a full season. I have a feeling there will be a considerable amount of scrutiny on this one.  The Tick will premiere on August 19th.