First Clip From 'Ghostbusters' Introduces The Ghost Chipper And Proton Glove

In less than two weeks Paul Feig's highly-anticipated, already-polarizing Ghostbusters hits theaters, and as of now it's tracking to do a solid $40-$50M. That's not too bad for the female-led comedy starring Melissa McCarthy, Kristen Wiig, Leslie Jones, and Kate McKinnon, and would be the biggest debut ever for a Feig movie. Of course it also costs a lot more, roughly $150M, so Feig's usual standards may not be up to snuff.

We'll see what happens and if it can overcome some of the negative buzz, which mostly seems to mostly be from people who just don't want a bunch of icky girls in one of their childhood favorite movies. Sony Pictures has dropped the first official clip and it features the team testing out a couple of their newest gizmos, the Ghost Chipper and Proton Glove. 

Also starring Chris Hemsworth, Andy Garcia, Neil Casey, and Michael K. Williams with cameos from some of the original team, Ghostbusters opens July 15th.