Exclusive Comic-Con 'Deadpool' Poster Featuring Art By Rob Liefeld

For better or for worse, if there was an artist who defined the Marvel style back in the '90s it was Rob Liefeld. The guy who could create some dynamic action panels but couldn't tell a story to save his life. He also had a habit of creating characters that shared many of the same traits. It was annoying as shit. But one thing he did right, and nobody could have predicted how right it was, is create Wade Wilson aka Deadpool. While it was writers Fabian Nicienza and Joe Kelly who gave Deadpool his signature voice, it was Liefeld's art that defined how we still perceive him and certainly influenced this year's hit movie.

So it's fitting that Liefeld has debuted this Comic-Con exclusive poster for Deadpool, in which he designed the film's characters in his own definitive style. The a-hole in me will note that he didn't bother to draw anybody's feet, because that was one of the weirdest things he never seemed able to do correctly.

Anyway, it's just something cool to look at, and maybe fans can pick up a copy for themselves somewhere on the show floor? Deadpool is out now on Blu-Ray, while a sequel is already planned for January 2018.