Enter The Masked World Of Lucha Libre In New Trailer For 'Lucha Mexico'

As anybody who reads this site knows I am a HUGE pro wrestling fan, which is why I also write for Fansided.com's DailyDDT. But my obsession with the world of sports entertainment is nothing compared to the passion they have for Lucha Libre down in Mexico, where wrestling is literally a way of life both for the fans and the masked superstars who are treated like gods among men. Directors Ian Markiewicz and Alex Hammond tap into that incredible energy with Lucha Mexico, a new documentary that takes you right into the squared circle.

The film chronicles the life and careers of Lucha Libre legends such as "1000% Guapo" Shocker, Blue Demon Jr., John Strongman, and Lucha Underground's Sexy Star. The Mexican spectacle is right up there with futbol in popularity, packing thousands into arenas built strictly for Lucha Libre. And while the mysterious masked heroes and villains (known as "tecnicos" and "rudos") are treated as celebrities, there's a loneliness that comes with deciding to enter the world of Lucha Libre, with the film capturing that dark side, as well.

I literally just got off the phone with the directors a few minutes ago so look out for that interview next week. And be sure to check out Lucha Mexico when it hits theaters and VOD on July 15th.