Emily Blunt Stumbles Upon A Mystery In 'The Girl On The Train' Trailer

We've seen Emily Blunt play a lot of really tough, strong women, especially in recent films such as Looper, Edge of Tomorrow, and Sicario. However in Tate Taylor adaptation of Paula Hawkins' best-selling novel, The Girl On the Train, the character she plays a fragile, broken mess who may have stumbled on a mystery...or been the cause of it.

Also starring Rebecca Ferguson, Haley Bennett, Luke Evans, Justin Theroux, Allison Janney, and Edgar Ramirez, the anticipated thriller finds Blunt as Rachel, a depressed, unemployed divorcee who creates spends her commute fantasizing about the lives of a married couple she sees outside the window. But when the wife suddenly goes missing, Rachel gets a little too deep in the investigation, making her a likely suspect in the detectives' eyes.

"I used to watch this perfect couple. They were the embodiment of true love."

Having only just read the book a couple of months ago, I have to say Blunt does not come close to resembling the trainwreck that Rachel actually is. But they could be keeping some of that out of the trailer for obvious reasons. There's a lot going on that this footage only skims the surface of and Taylor's biggest challenge is going to be fitting all of the complicated, and very sordid, relationships neatly into one movie.  The Girl On the Train leaves the station on October 7th.