DC Animated 'The Judas Contract', 'Batman And Harley Quinn', 'Justice League Dark' Films Coming In 2017

Normally I don't care much about Warner Bros. Animation's slate of movies, but with Batman: The Killing Joke looking pretty amazing, it's time to start paying attention. That R-rated film debuted at Comic-Con and by all accounts the response was overwhelmingly positive. So, WB took advantage of the hyped crowd to confirm three new DCU animated movies arriving next year, and there are a couple of cool surprises.

The first is one we already knew about, Justice League Dark, which was originally a live-action movie developed by Guillermo Del Toro. He's no longer involved and the film is now animated, but the story still centers on John Constantine and DC's paranormal heroes such as Swamp Thing, Zatanna, and Deadman.

After that will be Teen Titans: The Judas Contract, based on one of the greatest comic book storylines ever, in my humble opinion. In a likely continuation of the Justice League vs. Teen Titans movie that introduced the duplicitous Terra, the film is based on Marv Wolfman and George Perez's classic 1984 story in which the team is infiltrated in order to be destroyed. The story was notable for Dick Grayson giving up the Robin mantle to become Nightwing, as well as Wally West giving up the title of Kid Flash.  Back in 2006 Perez and Wolfman announced they were working on a film version of the story but it never happened, so it's nice to see this one come full circle.

And finally, there will be a wholly original film titled Batman and Harley Quinn, from animation legend Bruce Timm. Considering Timm helped create Harley Quinn, who is more popular than ever thanks to Margot Robbie's portrayal of her in Suicide Squad, this one is going to be a big deal. That may be why the story is being kept under wraps, as well. All we know is that it will arrive some time next summer.