Daniel Radcliffe Is An Undercover Neo-Nazi In The 'Imperium' Trailer

Never let it be said that Daniel Radcliffe is content to be known just as the guy who played Harry Potter. Currently he can be seen in two vastly different movies in roles that couldn't be less alike, such as Swiss Army Man in which he plays a farting corpse, and Now You See Me 2 in which he's very much alive as a villainous tech genius. And now he's ready to go deep cover and infiltrate a neo-Nazi movement in Imperium, which has just launched its first trailer.

Directed by Daniel Ragussis who also wrote the screenplay, the film is based partly on a true story and stars Radcliffe as FBI agent Nate Foster. With a terrorist attack imminent, Foster goes deep cover into a neo-Nazi group to disrupt the organization. The film co-stars Toni Collette, Sam Trammell, Burn Gorman, Tracy Letts, Chris Sullivan, and Nestor Carbonell.

Wasn't Emma Watson just in Colonia, a movie where she went undercover in a Chilean cult with ties to Nazis? Maybe it's something in the water over there at Hogwarts? Imperium hits theaters and VOD on August 19th.