Could Aquaman Show Up In 'The Flash' Season 3?

It's Comic-Con right now, folks, and rumors about all things superhero are flying around faster than Quicksilver can rescue the X-Men. One that's surfaced has to do with CW's The Flash, which capped off its second season by having Barry Allen go back in time to save his mom, triggering the "Flashpoint" event from the comics. Who was a major part of that particular storyline? Aquaman, and he may be coming The Flash as part of it.

According to a rumor at The Aquaman Shrine (!?!), the King of the  Seas will be glimpsed during The Flash's third season. What the heck does that mean? Will Barry shoot past an image of Aquaman while traveling through the timestream or something? In the comics, a war between Aquaman and Wonder Woman is what tore the world apart in the "Flashpoint" continuity. Could that be the path they're going? And could we possibly see Wonder Woman at some point? Why the heck not?

But that's if any of this true, of course. However, let's not forget this deleted scene from the first season in which a certain aquatic superhero is teased...