Chris Evans Eyes Modern Day Jekyll And Hyde Role That Isn't The Hulk

Chris Evans has spent much of the last few years playing Captain America in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, starring alongside the Hulk. But has Evans had the urge to transform into a big, possibly green monster himself? He may get the chance as Deadline reports he's in talks for the lead role in Jekyll.

No, this isn't part of Universal's classic monsters universe (which has Russell Crowe in a Jekyll-like role), it's instead a Liongate production based on the 2007 BBC One miniseries. The story centers on Tom Jackman, a modern day descendant of the original Jekyll with a similar split personality problem. Where's Black Widow when you need her? Jackman is a family man but things get complicated when the aggressive, raging Hyde persona emerges and learns of their existence.

No director is on board yet but the screenplay comes from Charles Mondry and Anthony Bagarozzi, the latter having co-written The Nice Guys, if you need another reason to be optimistic.