Charlie Hunnam Says "Politics" Is Keeping Him Out Of 'Pacific Rim 2'

Charlie Hunnam was at Comic-Con over the weekend to help get people talking about King Arthur: Legend of the Sword. How'd that work out? You and your friends chatting about it by the water cooler today? Probably not. In fact, it's arguable that people came out of the weekend wondering more about Hunnam's role in Pacific Rim 2. Well, they can't stop wondering because there's literally no role to be concerned about.

Speaking with Yahoo! Movies, Hunnam confirmed he won't be returning the kaiju/jaeger flick, which also won't see previous director Guillermo Del Toro back in the saddle. And it sounds like it wasn't the most amicable of separations, too, as he noted  “politics and business surrounding filmmaking” as the reasons for his departure. Damn.

At this point it might be a good idea to write off everybody from the original cast, including co-star Rinko Kikuchi. Yeah, Del Toro said earlier that Hunnam, Charlie Day, and Burn Gorman would be coming back but clearly things have taken a turn with the screenplay by Emily Carmichael (Steven Spielberg's Powerhouse) and Kira Snyder.

Set to star John Boyega and possibly Scott Eastwood, Pacific Rim 2 opens February 23rd 2018 with Steven S. DeKnight directing.