'Bridesmaids' Writer Annie Mumolo To Adapt 'Auntie Mame' For Tilda Swinton

If Tilda Swinton asks you to do something, it's probably a good idea to just do it. That's what Annie Mumolo, writer of Bridesmaids, Joy, and co-star in this week's Bad Moms did when Swinton asked her to adapt her long-developing film based on Patrick Dennis’s 1955 classic novel, Auntie Mame.  Mumolo tells Vanity Fair...

“She asked me, ‘Have you read Auntie Mame?’ I said, ‘No, I haven’t read the book, but I’ve seen the other version of it made into a film version in the ’50s.’ She said, ‘Would you take a look at it? I want to see if you are interested in writing a modern-day adaptation.’ I said yes, because you say yes to Tilda Swinton when she asks if you want to do something.”

Mumolo added that she will be joined in the adaptation by her friend, Oscar-nominated Moneyball writer, Stan Chervin. Auntie Mame follows a young boy who goes to live with his fun-loving, eccentric socialite aunt after the death of his father. The book has been brought to the big screen a couple of times already. A 1958 version was earned Oscar nominations for Best Picture and Best Actress for star Rosalind Russell, while a 1974 adaptation simply titled Mame starred Lucille Ball and Bea Arthur.