Box Office: 'Jason Bourne' Emerges With $60M Debut, 'Bad Moms' And 'Nerve' Open Strong

1. Jason Bourne (review here)- $60M
After being off the grid for nearly a decade, Matt Damon and Paul Greengrass returned for Jason Bourne and the result is one of the franchise's biggest debuts ever. The fifth film in the series, and fourth to star Damon, opened with $60M, second only to 2007's The Bourne Ultimatum with $69M. The 'Bourne' movies have ALWAYS had long legs so we could end up seeing it score well over $150M, this despite the powerhouse Suicide Squad arriving next week to suck up the oxygen.  That said, the reviews have been pretty mixed and that could hurt it, but consider Jeremy Renner's The Bourne Legacy, which practically nobody liked, still managed $113M domestic and $276M worldwide. We can at least expect it to top that.
2. Star Trek Beyond- $24M/$105.7M
After a modest opening weekend Star Trek Beyond fell 59% this week for $24M, bringing its domestic haul to $105M. Worldwide it's looking a lot better with $160M but these are still middling numbers overall, and we may have to ask if the franchise's audience has topped out? No matter what its fans may have you believe, 'Trek' isn't Star Wars and there simply isn't the same level of fan base there to support it. While you could argue these reboots aren't reaching out to the core base, that only bolsters the argument that we may have seen the most these movies are ever going to do.
3. Bad Moms (review here)- $23.4M
There was never any doubt in my mind Bad Moms would be a hit, even if it's just a modest one. The Mila Kunis, Kathryn Hahn, Kristen Bell comedy from the the writers behind The Hangover spoke to its target demo to the tune of $23.4M. Basically all of the moms who got away this weekend and didn't feel like watching Matt Damon with his shirt off (Does that demo actually exist??) went to see Bad Moms, not bad for the $20M comedy. The biggest test will come in the next couple of weeks but it's uniquely positioned as counter-programming against Suicide Squad, while it may find traction difficult opposite Pete's Dragon. Frankly I'm just happy to see Hahn getting the attention she deserves in a major film. She's been great as part of so many ensembles that I'm hoping people will see everything she's capable of.
4. The Secret Life of Pets- $18.2M/$296.1M
5. Lights Out- $10.8M/$42.8M
Lights Out, the latest low-budget horror that's part of the James Wan family of flicks, fell only 50% in week two, and now has $60M worldwide. Those kinds of numbers are what sequels are made, and lo and behold, here comes one now.
6. Ice Age: Collision Course- $10.5M/$42.1M
Those domestic numbers may be bleak for the long-running animated franchise, but don't worry, the ice age isn't over yet. Ice Age: Collision Course has melted away $183M overseas for $225M overall, and that's not too bad.
7. Ghostbusters- $9.8M/$106.1M
8. Nerve (review here)- $9M
I find Henry Joost and Ariel Schulman hella annoying and their Catfish-boosted careers inexplicable, but dammit if they don't always hit a nerve with audiences, pun totally intended. Their latest, the souped-up truth or dare thriller Nerve opened with a strong $9M. That's pretty good for a movie boasting only the talents of Emma Roberts (*swoon*) and Dave Franco, so we can assume it was the nifty premise that hooked people. It's certainly current, and the kind of thing we may (unfortunately) see emulated by Hollywood and by idiots in real-life, but you can't fault the filmmakers for giving people what they want.
9. Finding Dory- $4.2M/$469M
10. The Legend of Tarzan- $2.4M/$121.8M
I'm only going to say that despite average domestic numbers The Legend of Tarzan has $309M worldwide, just in case somebody tries to tell you the movie was a bomb. It wasn't. It could have cost less and been more of a hit, but something tells me we will see the lord of the jungle again at some point.